Estate Planning

How many of us buy insurance for our cell phones, in case we drop them and crack the screens, or accidentally spill coffee on them? And what about buying protection for our big screen TVs and expensive jewelry? A large portion of us do this. So why is it so hard for people to protect the most important thing they have in their lives~ FAMILY. Proper estate planning, including a Will, a Trust, Power of Attorney, a Living Will and Healthcare Power of Attorney can PROTECT the ones you love most from the extra heartache and hassle should something happen to you.

It is not an easy thing to discuss or contemplate. We put off such things because procrastinating feels better than actually planning for the worst. But it doesn’t need to feel that way.

At the Owen Law Firm we help you tackle the unknown. We can help calm your fears about Estate Planning- when it comes to preparing a will, creating a trust or deciding where your kids will go if you die. We strive to combine real world, competent, and straight-forward legal advice to help your family feel the peace of mind that comes from preparation. Stop making excuses and protect your most prized possession in this world. Your family.