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A Better Legal Experience.

What sets Owen Law Firm, PLLC apart from other law firms is founder Amy Owen’s belief in treating each client as if their case is THE MOST IMPORTANT. Amy always responds to clients within hours, if not mere minutes, and she is truly there for her clients at all times.

From the moment you walk into the Owen Law Firm, PLLC office in the Biltmore area, you will realize this attorney and practice is unique. There is no big, dark, looming desk, instead there is a contemporary white desk, a gold mirrored high heel tape dispenser and a matching gold mirrored stapler, and most importantly, an attorney who believes in making each and every client feel like they have their own personal attorney.



Amy Owen

Founder & Managing Attorney

Amy Owen graduated from Arizona State University’s Sandra Day O’Conner college of law in 2011. She is an Arizona attorney general’s office-trained mediator and a member of the Arizona Association for Justice (Arizona Trial Lawyers Association).

Amy Owen is known in her community as PINEAPPLE LAWYER.  What started as a nickname “Pineapple” turned into “PineappleLawyer” with the rise of social media in 2012.  Today, PINEAPPLE LAWYER is a brand, a lifestyle, a representation of a new way to view the legal profession.   PINEAPPLE LAWYER is a unique, out-of-the-norm attorney who will get the job done.  Amy practices with a lot of compassion and a little extra sparkle.  Just like the saying, “A pineapple stands tall and wears a crown”, a PINEAPPLE LAWYER stands up for others and wears a crown- always.  Owen Law Firm and Pineapple Lawyer are one and the same.   It’s just way easier to remember PINEAPPLE LAWYER!


We Are Effective in
These Practice Areas

Personal Injury

If you’re involved in an accident, and it is not your fault, I will represent you to the insurance companies and help you get the money you’re owed for your pain, suffering, & inconvenience.

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Business Law

Owen Law Firm specializes in helping small businesses reach their potential and for those wanting to start their own small business, Owen Law Firm has the tools and advice to get you up and running.

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Estate Planning & Probate Litigation

Estate planning doesn’t have to be scary. It is actually more scary to think of how much money your family may have to spend in probate if your will and affairs are not in order.

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Going above and beyond for each and every valued client.